Who I am

“The important thing is not what you find at the end of a race, but what you feel while running”

I was born into a family of farmers, and like all the local ‘old’ Ligurians I was brought up steeped in the traditions, tales and legends of this land and this sea. At the age of 12 I was lucky enough to work with sailors and fishermen who passed on their stories and their passion along with their belief in their work and their respect and love for this Paradise.

And even now, despite the passing of time, in my mind and in my heart the two great lessons I learned from them remain, clear and indelible: You can be a free spirit in life, and everyone is free to choose their own path. To achieve this, you just have to believe in your own heart.

If you are ready to open your heart you are welcome here.

I would like to thank Piero Canizzaro, who gave me the opportunity to open and make my heart known.

A heartfelt thanks to Gilberto Volpara, Sergio Rossi and Marco Rezzano, who allowed me to talk about my land.

Here a chat with my friend Laura Canale.