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Freeedom! Rosa dei Venti boat tour Levanto Cinque Terre

Visit and snorkeling in the Cinque Terre Bay (15.00-17.00)

Departure from Levanto, Porticciolo dei Pescatori La Pietra.

With the Pequod, we will go to the discovery of old emotions … in search of distant and forgotten worlds. We will visit beautiful bays and coves , we will go to the discovery of beautiful caves , like the Grotta del Gabbiano, the Grotta dell’Elefante, the Grotta del Diavolo, the Grotta Rossa …
We will dive into the beautiful waters ofProtected marine area in Cinque Terre national park and, accompanied by the grazing flight of the seagulls and, with a little luck, by sightings of large cetaceans and dolphins which, like the mad brushes of an equally mad painter, with their games draw surreal figures on an infinite fantasy canvas.

Afternoon excursion departing from Levanto at 15:00 and return at 17:00. Price € 50 per person. Children up to 12 years € 25. Free for children under 2. Drinks included.


  • Departure from Levanto at 15.00
  • Guided visit of the coast, of the Marine Park, and passage in front of Monterosso andVernazza
  • Stops in sheltered coves of naturalistic interest, snorkeling , visit of sea caves
  • On board we always serve assorted focaccia, pizza, fruit and drinks (wine, beer, soft drinks)
  • Return in Levanto at 5.00 pm
  • Only € 50 per person! | 25 € for children under 12 | Free for children under 2