My main goal would be not only to show, but above all to live and know the history and traditions of the territory where I was born. I think and I am convinced that one of the main reasons why someone decides to travel is precisely this. It is for this reason that I “created” this site, with the purpose and the attempt to choose the people with whom to share not only emotions but also my roots. I am like a maritime pine, which has its roots both on land and in the sea, like my region, Liguria. This is one of the reasons why I chose to offer typical and organic products from the Val di Vara at km 0, in addition to the typical products of Levanto, my town. Hence my idea of limiting the use of plastic as much as possible and adhering to the eco-sustainable project “Ecozema”. Gluten-free products on request.

Every morning on board, breakfast will be served with pastries from the Antica Pasticceria Bianchi, coffee, cappuccino, tea and herbal teas, prepared at the moment with our special coffee machine 🙂

PASTICCERIA BIANCHI PASTICCERIA BIANCHI since 1889 this family has always worked with passion and professionalism, giving happiness and sweetness to the hearts of entire generations of Levantines. Many years ago, in the laboratory of this Levantine symbol, a boy with golden curls took his first steps. That boy was me.


The Cooperativa Casearia Val di Vara, where I get the products I offer on board, was founded in 1978 in the heart of the upper Val di Vara, known as “The Valley of Organic” for over 2,000 hectares of meadows and pastures certified Bio. Animated by the desire, shared by the breeders, to collect and transform directly in their own dairy all the milk produced in the valley, enhancing an activity otherwise destined to disappear, the Cooperativa Casearia operates in the territory of Varese Ligure, the first European municipality with environmental certifications EMAS and ISO 14001. The philosophy of this Cooperative has always been respect for the territory. So much so that many breeders have adopted the methods of organic farming.

PANIFICIO RASO has been a family-run business since 1954. With its Ligurian and local specialties, including the most famous focaccia, the fishermen’s bread, entire generations of Levantines have grown up.

ANTICA PASTA FRESCA MARIA since 1956, production of traditional Ligurian pasta (spaghetti, trofie, gnocchi…) I get my “Gattafin” from this shop, a specialty of the Levanto.

produces the D.O.C. Colline di Levanto wine since 1995. Lievàntu is a white wine produced with selected grapes: albarola, vermentino and bosco. The vineyards from which this wine comes are cultivated in terraces built with the classic dry stone walls.