Night excursion

Hi, I decided to organize this night tour not so much for its originality, but, above all, for the desire and curiosity to discover and know the emotions of the people who will choose to share with me and Linda, my irreplaceable collaborator who follows and supports my dreams. When I decided to offer this tour, my collaborators asked me why …. if I was sure of what I wanted to do. I answered him with one of the lines of one of my favorite poets … “… and my thoughts drown in this immensity, and my sweet shipwreck in this sea …”. I hope to have a good shipwreck with you … Hello!


Program: A few summer evenings while all the other boats return to the port to rest, our boat, the Pequod, will leave from the Levanto quay to make you experience an emotion that is not easily forgotten, that of sailing at night. We will leave at sunset and we will see the light slowly fade to give way to the darkness of the night, when the celestial vault is filled with many bright dots that we call stars, and when the disk of the moon reflecting on the water forces us all to return children and sigh for the beauty of the world. We will head towards the Cinque Terre coast, and enter the small bay of Vernazza. During the navigation we will give everyone the opportunity to swim at night. On board will be served herbal teas, drinks (beer, wine, soft drinks) and typical and organic products of the Val di Vara.

Outings: On request, on Saturday evening and Wednesday evening. On some dates we will have on board a local actress and naturalist, Marta Mingucci, who will present “La Barca delle Fiabe”, which during the voyage will transform the Pequod into a stage with candle lights and other accessories, and will tell tales typical of the Ligurian tradition. On August 10 of each year, on the occasion of the night of San Lorenzo, we will do the excursion “The Night of Wishes”, dedicated to the observation of shooting stars, and consequent possibility of expressing wishes at will! ✨😜

Hours: July: 21.30 to midnight / August: 21.00 to 23.30 / September 20.00 to 22.30

Price: 100 euros for adults, 50 euros for children up to 12 years, free for children up to 2 years.