My boats


The boat that will host you for the guided excursions to the Cinque Terre is called PEQUOD. It is a typical Ligurian gozzo built 70 years ago, 9 meters long and 3 wide, equipped with a latest generation 270 horsepower engine. The on-board equipment is: 3 refrigerators, shower, coffee machine, ladder to get back on board, awning, towels and windbreaker jackets available to guests, drinks and snacks available at any time, snorkelling equipment (masks and floating tubes ), USB socket for recharging mobile phones. For those who want to experience and learn about tradition, the Pequod is the right boat. The boat is equipped with all the equipment required by the Navigation Code.


Eolo, the new arrival, is a boat built by the Aprea shipyard in Salerno, symbol of the homonymous family of shipwrights who over time have been able to keep the tradition of the true Sorrentine goiter unchanged. With this choice, with the help of my brother Roberto, the captain of the boat, our intention is to unite two traditions of master shipwrights that have long represented the best of Italian seafaring. The boat, 7.5 meters long and 3 meters wide, Equipped with a state-of-the-art 170 horsepower engine, is equipped with all comforts: large sundeck, cushions, large awning, shower, refrigerator, ladder, coffee machine, snorkeling equipment (mask, snorkel, floating tubes), USB socket for recharging mobile phones, towels and jackets available to guests. The boat is equipped with all the equipment required by the Navigation Code.