Hi, I’m glad you chose to visit my site, which is my dream. I hope that, in addition to the usual information that is normally sought whenever these modern “means” are used to choose the so-called “best service”, you can perceive the passion and emotions that I try to convey. Often, when we talk about offering a so-called “service” we speak of “target”, a word that I never understand, perhaps because I refuse to understand, given the meaning given to this high-sounding word. Being a direct person, who has achieved his dream without compromise, with a “straight back” as the old fishermen and farmers used to say I was lucky enough to know and with whom I worked, “target” means getting in touch with people rich inside, with the ability to feel and share emotions and see with the heart. Have a good trip !


Freeedom! Rosa dei Venti boat tour Levanto Cinque Terre
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Children in front of Monterosso
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