“May your dreams come true dreamer… and may they bring you happiness and wisdom…” S.B.

“Hi, welcome to my site, my name is Marco. I was born and have always lived in Levanto, a true paradise for those who love nature. What you are about to visit has been one of my many dreams, become reality! I am convinced, in fact, that dreams represent our true reality, while the “daily reality”, made up of indispensable things, is often such as “someone” has decided it for us. So, in order not to feel “different” and marginalized, we decide to do what others do …… nothing! Among my favourite sports, scuba diving and free flight occupy a prominent place, and I have wondered, countless times, why two apparently polar opposite things can cause me similar sensations and emotions.”

“I am convinced that everything is simply due to the fact that the two have always represented, for man, one of greater wishes … the dream … in fact! How many times even today (at my age ?!) I found myself with a seemingly lost gaze towards the void … in search of who knows what … I’m happy … because from the infinity of the two elements, the same “golden-haired child” of many years ago still smiles at me…. I hope that you too can always find the courage and the will to fight and defend your dream!”